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How to Find Runaway Cats

    • 1). Search the house thoroughly. Cats are prone to hide in obscure locations, so look behind the appliances and in odd, out of the way corners.

    • 2). Search the neighborhood, paying special attention to the area near where you last saw the cat. Look in window wells, close to the sides of houses and under shrubs.

    • 3). Search both at night and during the day. Cats may be wary of coming out in broad daylight and will be more apt to venture into the open at night.

    • 4). Talk to your neighbors, leaving your contact information and the description of your cat.

    • 5). Put out food and water. This may draw your cat out of hiding if it is nearby.

    • 6). Call your local animal control groups, the humane shelter and the veterinary offices. Leave a description of your cat and ask if there are any other rescue organizations to call.

    • 7). Visit the shelters. Sometimes shelter staff are busy and do not match a new animal to its description.

    • 8). Print out a flier with a picture of your cat and your contact information. Post these fliers throughout the neighborhood.

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