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African Decor - The Natural Way To Spice Up Your Home

The African decor boom Can enhance any room, But best of all If it's all natural It can make your health bloom.
More and more African American homeowners are discovering or re-discovering African decor.
With so much mass-produced and over-priced home decor accessories on the market today, more African American homeowners are turning to African home decor more and more.
African decor includes everything from hand made picture frames, hand carved statues and mask to beads, baskets and bowls.
Plus an abundance of other African hand-made pottery from woods, metals and natural elements from the African continent.
African decor includes items that have proven to be environmentally safe and natural, a benefit more and more consumers are demanding.
African decor, made from natural ingredients, doesn't add to the growing problem of indoor air pollutants like so many mass-produced products.
This is another reason more African Americans are re-discovering the benefits of using hand-made African decor.
For example, African decor made from wood reflects the natural beauty of the wood-grain.
These woods made from natural dyes or simply hand polished - add a natural, environmental character to any room.
Environmentally Friendly Decor African decor is environmentally friendly.
The wood products generally come from woods that are fast-growing trees and readily renewable.
For example, trees like bamboo, monkeywood, mango wood and coconut as well as others.
Benefits of African Decor African decor is a fresh artsy style that doesn't become dated or old after a few years of displaying in your home.
The styles can range from bold and daring to tranquil and reflective and everything in between.
African decor can act as a rooms vocal point or act as an accent piece.
The versatility is endless and limited only by your imagination.
To add a sense of romance to a room add an African Love Sculpture hand-carved in Kenya.
You can add a sense of courage and strength to the atmosphere of your home and attract good fortune by adding a hand carved elephant (with trunk raised) to your homes decor.
Or add a hand-woven African Safari picture frame to a wall and add a sense of adventure to any room.
Yes, African decor can add a genuine flair and adventure to your home as well as a sense of warmth and culture.
Whether your theme is contemporary or traditional, touches of African decor can add a touch of excitement to any room in your home.
How to Decorate with African Decor First form a picture in your mind of the mood you want to create and then make everything that you buy fit into that picture.
The mood can range from calm and tranquil to energetic and bold.
The key is to make sure all your pieces flow together in harmony.
Pay special attention to colors, textures and shapes and try to make them work together as opposed to competing with each other.
Experiment with what fits your lifestyle and comfort level.
Conclusion Now that you've read how African decor can enhance your home, start with a small piece - perhaps a basket, bowl or even a candle holder.
As you start your shopping expedition something will jump out at you, something that will fit perfectly in a spot, wall or table in your home.
Just make sure it's a piece that makes you feel good, tranquil or adventuresome.
And most of all have fun.

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