Gay people have rights in our society.
Gay people are productive citizens in communities worldwide, pay taxes and most importantly, they are human beings.
I think that people discriminate against gay communities because of sexual preferences involved.
Heterosexuals are constantly preaching to society that gay people are "abnormal" because they cannot relate to gay people's sexual views.
I think that gay couples should be allowed to marry.
How can the gay community screw up the sanctity of marriage worse than we heterosexuals have? Can heterosexuals consider themselves experts on relationships? We could learn a lot from the gay community.
The gay community statistically speaking understands the meaning of relationships.
Straight people need to stop being hypocrites.
We need to realize that because someone is gay they are no less of a human being than anyone else.
I am sick and tired of hearing "It's not natural!" Straight people will make this ignorant comment yet, they will abuse women.
I am assuming that homosexuality in some people's eyes is not normal, but abusing women is.
I am hoping for the time that our country will stop taking the conservative approach to this topic.
Gay couples not unlike traditional couples are capable of proving love and devotion to one another.
I think that gay couples who are allowed to marry should be afforded the same benefits as heterosexual married couples.
It is claimed that we live in a free country.
Are we truly free in America? I believe that our nation is ruled by religious conservatives, despite the premise of freedom.
Homosexuality is not abnormal; instead, what proves abnormal are the naive mentalities of people who degrade gay people.
They deserve equal rights and dignity, same as everyone else.
People should embrace what they do not know.
People need to realize that gay people can be just as valuable within our society as heterosexuals.
They deserve equal rights and dignity, same as everyone else.
If people would concentrate more on understanding instead of what people are doing in their bedrooms, our world would prove a more pleasant place to live.
The treatment of gay people proves bigotry and discrimination at its finest.
This mentality is what confines our country to the dark ages.
This discrimination should not be acceptable by any means.
Once we can accept the gay community as equals and treat them as the human beings they are, only then will our country be truly free.

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