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How to Maximize Your Time at the Gym

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      Avoid Rush Hour!

      Workout During Off-Peak Hours - Try to schedule your gym workouts during times when the gym is least crowded. This will maximize your workout time and allow you to get the most workout bang for your buck. Generally, off-peak gym hours are in the mid-to-late morning and again from the early afternoon to late afternoon. Working out during off-peak gym hours will maximize your gym time!

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      Enter the Gym with a Plan!

      Plan Your Workout Ahead of Time - Decide on what your workout will consist of prior to arriving at the gym. This will make it much easier for you to maximize your workout time and reap the most benefits from your gym workout. Not having a plan makes it easy to ho-hum your way through your workout, which wastes time and makes your gym workout less effective.

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      Save the Chit-Chat For Later!

      Ignore the Gym Social Butterflies - Socializing is great, and the gym can be filled with an array of great, interesting people, but don't let that get in the way of what you are there for - to workout! Exchange a few pleasantries, move on, and then crank out your workout. Save the socializing for when you've completed your last rep!

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