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Is Your Man CONFUSED About Your Relationship?

Did you get hit with the breakup talk out of the blue? Is your man telling you that he loves you but he's not in love with you? Do you feel like you're on an emotional roller coaster? It could be that you're being faced with a man who has or who has had a relationship on the side and it has brought the wind of turmoil into your life.
Some men who betray women have huge amounts of guilt associated with their behavior and guilt is something that can't be swept away quietly.
When you are faced with a man who tells you he's confused about you, it usually means that he knows what he wants and his choice is not you.
This is difficult to hear.
Many women fall prey to thinking that when a man doesn't know what he wants, they should hold on, fight on, or try really hard to convince him about the relationship.
Men know what they want.
The confusion is usually a way to cop-out of the relationship.
It's a really good excuse to let you down easy instead of your man looking like the bad guy, he can blame it on not really knowing what he wants.
This in turn cause you to feel sorry for him and make the mistake of being the "understanding" woman who'll have pity on him because he can't make up his mind.
He's already made it up.
Listen to the voice of "reason" - not your emotions.
Men are not afraid of commitment and men know what they want - all of the time.

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