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How to Find Your Soulmate Now (Part One)

Would you like to find your soulmate? Are you sick and tired of not knowing how to go about it? Finding your soulmate is simple.
All you need is the right information and you will be on your way to falling in love.
You will be the envy of your friends.
There are simple but highly effective steps involved.
These steps are designed by relationship counselling psychologists.
If you follow these steps taken directly from counselling techniques, your success will be assured.
Before the steps are revealed to you, it is important that you understand both the benefits and the facts of a soulmate love relationship.
Benefits: You may have your own reasons for wanting to find your soulmate.
For example, is it because you want to achieve lasting love? Could it be because all of your previous relationships have not produced the results you desire? Many experts in the field of soulmate relationships believe that intimacy between soulmate couples feels as though they have connected with a universal power.
They live longer, happier and healthier lives.
If there is one thing I would like to emphasize it is that love and respect between soulmates is unconditional, something that is very rare these days.
I had a physician tell me that in his practise, many of the men told him they are not able to find respect in their relationship, while just as many of the women who come to him say they are unable to find love.
This leads me to believe that when there is love in a relationship there is respect and vice versa.
The love and respect that soulmates show each other is something that words cannot describe, for it must be experienced personally in order to understand it.
Scientific Facts: According to psychologist Abraham Maslow, all human behaviour is a result of one or more needs.
Although he listed five needs in all, we are going to focus on two of them as they relate to this article.
The first need is social.
Humans need love, affection, compassion and acceptance.
They are what many desire most in their love lives.
One of the reasons that people search for their soulmate is that they want real love, affection and acceptance.
Chances are that you may have dated or have been in a relationship where you thought you had found those needs being met only to be let down and have your hopes dashed and your heart broken.
Because these needs are a driving force in your life, you continue to search, believing in love just as many people do.
If your soulmate has not come yet, don't let that be a concern.
You are not alone.
The second need is for esteem.
This is the basic human need for achievement, attention, recognition and respect.
Soulmate relationships have been known to boost self-esteem.
Soulmates give each other the attention they deserve.
They recognize each other as partners and have an incredible amount of respect for each other, whether rich or poor.
Soulmate love is unconditional, something that is rare.
In fact, one scientific finding stated that dogs love their owner unconditionally.
As people, many times we expect something from the opposite sex before we feel we can love the person.
You are person with feelings; you deserve to have unconditional love with your soulmate.
Conclusion: Many people just like you are searching for love that will bring them safety and security.
For many years you may have tried to find what your heart desires.
The most important thing you can do this very minute is to act.
You can do that by setting goals.
The first may be to find your soulmate.
In the part two, later on in this article, I will reveal how highly skilled psychologists and relationship counsellors help their clients set goals using century-old goal setting steps that yield results as easy as one, two, three.
So please watch for the last part of this article which will follow one week after the release date of this article.
Copyright © Ernest Quansah, 2006.

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