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How to Compare Canon Digital Cameras

    How to Compare Canon Digital Cameras

    • 1). Decide if you want to have full-size, interchangeable lenses and flashes which allow for full creative control -- an SLR. Or, compact form which allows for some creative control -- a Compact Digital? Decide if you plan to blow-up your pictures, or just view them on a computer screen. That will determine whether megapixel-count is indeed important to you, because it may not be.

    • 2). If you choose compact form, decide if you want a basic Point & Shoot camera which takes photographs automatically, has limited advanced features but is fast to set up and easy to take anywhere. An intermediate level camera, which has multiple shooting modes and functions to control many advanced features. Or, an advanced level camera where there are many shooting modes, plus the ability to add some lenses and flashes.

      If you choose SLR, decide if a self-cleaning system, weight and size, future movie making or other advanced technology is important to you.

    • 3). Finally take into account the recent advances in camera technology like face recognition, anti-shake, high ISO ( film speed) and new shockproof and waterproof functionality before choosing your camera.

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