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How to Make Your Villa in Murcia Attractive to the Rental Market

It may seem obvious, but many villa owners new to the holiday rentals market in Murcia forget the simplest rules and therefore run into problems later down the line.
Getting the basics right, before you open your doors to the holiday lettings market, means once you have taken the bookings, the day to day running of your rental villa should be a lot easier.
To begin with your villa in Murcia needs to be safe, fully self-contained; preferably decorated to a high standard; have enough beds, chairs, sofas and sun loungers to seat your maximum number of villa rental guests; have a fully equipped kitchen; and, of course, the all essential pool.
To help you along the way to having a successful rental villa in Murcia, please refer to our detailed list below: 1.
Villa Photography: get it right
Remember first impressions are very important.
Taking great photos of your villa in Murcia that correctly represent it and show it in it's best light is the most important thing you can due with regards to your marketing.
If you don't hire a professional photographer, try to ensure you use a camera with a wide angel lens while taking pictures.
Ensure there is plenty of light by putting lamps and lights on, as well as set up the shots so they look as appealing as possible.
For example: make up the internal and external dining tables with glasses, crockery, flowers and a bottle of wine, place folded towels on neatly made beds and rolled towels on sunloungers and generally make the villa look as inviting, airy and light as possible.
Remember, it is worth putting a lot of effort into your villa photo shoot and description, which should last for years unless you make radical changes to your property, as it will encourage potential clients looking for holiday rentals in Murcia to click on your property link.
Also, always ensure that the sun in on the pool area and the pool pump turned off while taking photos, so that it looks calm and relaxing and very inviting for rental clients.
A clean pool and sunshine always sells! 2.
Get your villa paperwork & insurance in order
Public liability insurance is essential when renting your villa in Murcia, make sure you check and double check your building and contents insurance so that you are covered to rent your property.
Villa owners also need to be able to provide rental clients with easy access to the property in the form of a local key holder who can meet and greet them and be on hand as an emergency contact or secure key lock box (it is recommended to change the code regularly).
Of course, it is inevitable that you will run into some operation difficulties, so having a reliable key holder and network of trusted and registered handymen in Murcia for boiler, electrical or air conditioning repairs is absolutely essential in order to get any problems, should they arise, fixed and dealt with as swiftly as possible.
Ultimately this will avoid rental guests complaining, so always act fast to resolve any issues; it is your reputation after all.
Last but not least s a standard rental contract is necessary for every booking and owners should seek legal advice.
Plan a comfortable villa living areas
As a minimum; a rental villa in Murcia will normally need 2 sofas (as a rule, the property should have enough seating for 6 people if it sleeps 6 etc).
Dark sofa colours are preferred, as they do not show marks and bean bags can also be used for extra seating A television (plasma desirable) with access to cable or satellite channels is highly sort after, as is a DVD/CD player and/or radio.
Most Polaris World Resorts in Murcia offer a resort cable TV system with international channels Internet access and items such as PlayStations and iPod docking stations are also popular but not essential.
An open fire or wood burner is very attractive for winter/Christmas bookings.
If rugs are used make sure they are hardwearing or dark in colour as stains show up very easily and can make a room look dirty.
Simple canvasses, voiles and tasteful fake orchids/flowers are a good and affordable way to dress a room without having to worry about plants having to be watered.
Plan your villa dining area
1 dining table is required along with the correct number of seats for the guests staying, i.
a 2 bedroom villa with pool sleeping 4 people must have at least 4 dining table chairs.
An indoor dining area is attractive for winter/Christmas lettings.
Table coasters and runners are an affordable and easy way to protect villa surfaces from hot drink marks.
Most villas in Murcia on the new golf developments, like Polaris World, have two villa dining areas.
Everyone likes modern villa furnishings
A villa that looks modern and uncluttered is extremely sort after in Murcia's holiday rental market.
Contemporary or rural rustic styles are very popular with holidaymakers.
We would advise you to clear away all personal items such as photos, CDs, jewellery, clothes and toys, storing them in a lockable cupboard.
A rental property should be completely de-personalised.
Again Most of the villas on site like Murcia's La Torre Golf Resort have a cupboard suitable for locking.
6 Planning your villa bedrooms Make sure your villa in Murcia has as least 1 comfortable double/king size bed or 2 twin beds per room, with at least 1 bedside table and lamp for reading, a mirror, bin, chest of drawers, wardrobe with at least 5 hangers per person and curtains/blinds.
A fan or air-conditioning unit (with dual controls for cool and hot air) is also very desirable for the villa rentals market.
Murcia also gets incredibly hot in the summer, so holidaymakers like to be able to cool down.
Organizing your villa linen
Each bed in your villa will require as a minimum 2 sets of bedding, i.
a single bed will need 4 pillow cases (2 pillows per guest), 2 under sheets, 2 bed sheets and 2 top blankets/throws, so one can always be used while the other is in laundry.
This also aids fast villa changeover days in peak season! White linen is recommended, as it does not fade when put on a boil wash and is more hygienic.
A duvet with 2 sets of duvet covers for each bed is desirable for winter months, unless of course the property has heavier winter blankets.
Mattress covers are also recommended for hygiene.
Try to decorate each bed with colour-coordinated cushions/throws as this will help sell your villa in the photography and stand out from the crowd.
Towels for your villa guests
As a minimum, we would recommend 2 sets of towels for each guest i.
1 bath towel and 1 hand/hair towel, per guest, per visit, so one can be used while the other is in laundry.
White towels are again recommended, as they do not fade when put on a boil wash and are more hygienic.
Extra hand towels are desirable for each bathroom.
Bath mats on the floor are also a good way to ensure people don't slip when getting out of the bath/shower.
We recommend guests bring their own pool/beach towels, but of course you can provide these if necessary.
A few tea towels are also needed for the kitchen.
The comfort of your Murcia villa guests is paramount.
Your villa bathrooms
Each bathroom should be equipped with a bath or bath/shower unit, complete with a non-slip mat and plain white shower curtain (washable) or splash guard, wc, toilet roll holder, sink, mirror, shaver socket (not essential), lockable door and a plastic/metal bin with cover.
A hairdryer is also usually expected, but not essential.
Most decent hairdryers can be purchased form local stores in Murcia such as Los Alcazares, San Javier or Cartegena.
Make the most of your villa Kitchen
A rental kitchen requires a kettle, toaster, hob (electric or gas) oven, fridge/freezer and sufficient crockery (bowls and plates), cups, glasses and cutlery.
Also needed are plastic tumblers/glasses for outside/pool use as well as some plastic plates and cups for children, adequate pots, pans, ovenware, sieve/colander, chopping board/knives, wooden spoons, a bottle opener, tin opener, jug, ice tray, trays and a salad bowl.
A dishwasher, microwave, extractor fan, tea pot, cafetiere, washing machine, dryer, wine rack and clothes horse are also highly desirable.
Again, most villas in Murcia have separate utility areas ideal for storing irons and washing machines.
A lockable cupboard/area for the villa owner
Is also handy for storing linen and towels so that they don't get used.
Remember, if you leave it in the property, guests will use it! Some guests may request to use toys for children if they are available, make sure your key holder has access to this storage area (they should have at least 2 full sets of keys) as some items can be great selling points.
Outdoor furniture for alfresco living
Where possible, a quality outdoor table with chairs for the correct number of people allowed to stay at the villa is required.
The same applies for the number of sunbeds.
A barbecue in a well lit area with utensils and parasol/shaded area are also very important for holiday rentals in Murcia.
Remember, people are renting your villa to relax, barbecue, sunbathe and chill out.
If the property has a balcony or terrace all railings must be checked regularly and be very secure.
Villa with pools in Murcia
Villa with pools in Murcia are highly sort after.
If your villa has a private pool, either a child guardrail or fenced garden is essential.
Always ensure the pool box with cleaning chemicals is kept locked at all times.
It is handy to leave a pool net out so guests can clean away leaves themselves.
A professional pool cleaner must attend to the pool on a weekly basis in winter months and twice weekly in the summer, to ensure hygiene and chemical levels are kept up to standard.
Villas with a heated pools or hot tubs in Murcia, although expensive, really stand out from the crowd during the late autumn, winter and early spring seasons, when traditionally it is too cold to swim.
Make sure you keep an eye on ongoing maintenance cost for heated pools.
Child friendly gardens and villas in Murcia
A garden should be landscaped, attractive and useable, people do not want a garden filled with junk or rubble, especially when they will probably spend most of their holiday time outdoors.
Remember parents on holiday need to be able to relax safe in the knowledge their little ones are in a save environment.
Air conditioning for rental clients
One main air-conditioning unit is necessary (especially in the summer months as Murcia gets so hot!) for your villa guests as are fans or air-conditioning units in each room.
Central heating is needed for winter months.
Air conditioning units should be serviced on an annual basis, make sure you get personal recommendation for local tradesmen in Murcia.
Safety and security for paying guests
A security alarm, internal safe and key lock box for securely storing house keys is very desirable.
Villa owners in Murcia should be prepared to put up safety/hazard notices around their property, i.
no smoking, mind the step, slippery surface, no diving and visible stickers on glass patio doors etc.
A basic villa first aid kit, working fire alarm and fire extinguisher or fire blanket are also necessary and must be placed in a visible area, normally the kitchen.
Gas safety checks must be carried out by a qualified technician on an annual basis on the property's boiler.
Annual electrical safety tests are also recommended.
Pool guards from children can be expensive, but are also highly sort after.
Check the rules and regulations with your community presidents on Polaris World resorts like Mar Menor Golf Resort, for up to date rules on pool safety.
Villa directions and local attractions in Murcia
Guests staying at your villa in Murcia on a Polaris World Resort need clear and precise directions on how to get there, which you need to send out at least 1-2 weeks prior to their holiday along with key instructions too.
It is recommended that you plan this route yourself from local airports such as Murcia San Javier or Alicante.
Having a drawer or booklet full of local tourist attractions in Murcia, such as bars, restaurants, golf courses, shopping malls, local beaches and theme parks is also a great way to help your villa guests have a great time, and hopefully encourage them to return year after year to Murcia.
Sufficient parking space at your villa
Parking for 1 or two cars is desirable and the area should be very accessible to the property as many villas on golf resorts in Murcia like El Valle Golf Resort are approx.
20-25 minutes drive from Murcia San Javier Airport and the local beach at Los Alcazares.
Website marketing for your villa in Murcia
Finally, It is essential you research the best websites for advertising your villa in Murcia, one that will generate the most hits from holidaymakers searching for villas in Murcia.
We recommend a mixture of international holiday lettings sites as well as targeted websites that deal only with holiday rentals in Murcia, so that you cover as many advertising angles as possible.
Villa rentals in Murcia is an extremely competitive search term, so remember, you cannot be found if you do not advertise and by keeping your booking calendars and pricing up to date will help your villa move up the search tables on various sites.
Contacting rental guests as soon as they enquire is also extremely effective in securing early bookings.

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