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A Business Owner"s Guide to Promotional Safety Items

Industrialized countries like the United States, Canada, Great Britain and others have been on heightened alert for several years when it comes to emergency preparedness.
While governments urge citizens not to live in fear, they also advise that every citizen be prepared for the possibility of an emergency.
Emergencies can range from terrorism, to weather-related disasters, to personal crises.
Personal emergency preparedness gives peace of mind and a sense of control of one's own destiny, even if he or she cannot control the mitigating circumstances.
The public's desire for personal emergency preparedness has fueled the safety industry.
It has also opened wide the window of possibility for business advertising through the use of promotional safety items.
This new era of heightened awareness means that people are open to the message of personal emergency preparedness.
Yet despite this openness, a large percentage of citizens in industrialized countries still do not take basic personal emergency preparedness measures, such as carrying an auto emergency kit or first aid kit in their vehicles at all times.
Business owners may see this as the ideal opportunity to help promote personal emergency preparedness while advertising their businesses too.
By having your business name and logo imprinted on promotional safety items, you'll be able to send the message to your customers that you are concerned for their personal safety.
You can remind them that organizations like the Red Cross recommend that every vehicle be outfitted with basic emergency equipment (tools, flashlight, reflective materials, flares, etc.
) and a travel first aid kit.
Customers will be grateful for the free promotional safety items that you provide.
Plus, you'll be sure that your business's name is not only remembered by your customers, but it will be carried with them every time they travel.
Business owners initially assume that promotional safety items are too costly.
However, many promotional safety items cost less than five dollars per unit.
Many more sell at only five to ten dollars per unit.
When you compare this to the cost of other forms of advertising, distributing promotional safety items is an economical way to advertise.
Plus, direct advertising usually has a much greater impact on a consumer than a billboard or commercial ad.
Consider this list of promotional safety items, categorized by price, when deciding on one or more that will best suit your own business: * Less than five dollars: Basic travel first aid kits fit easily in a glove compartment, car storage console, handbag or brief case.
Your business information will be prominently displayed on the outside of the kit.
Other ideas for under five dollars include electronic "flares" or flashers, bike reflectors, safety whistles, reflective tape and stickers and pocket flashlights.
* Five to ten dollars: Car manufacturers and auto safety experts recommend every driver keep an emergency multi tool in the glove compartment.
These tools are equipped with window glass break hammers in the event that your car becomes submerged in water.
They also have a seat-belt cutter which allows you to free yourself from your seatbelt, should it become jammed in an accident.
Other mid-priced promotional safety item ideas include high-beam flashlights, digital tire gauges, smoke detectors, reflective safety vests and basic tool kits.
* Ten to twenty dollars: Deluxe highway emergency kits (which include tools, flares and jumper cables), safety lanterns, auto cleaning kits and deluxe first aid kits (complete with tourniquets, gauze, splints and bandages with clips) make excellent thank you gifts for those extra-loyal customers.
No matter what your advertising budget, there's a promotional safety item that fits it.
Nothing tells your customers you care like closing your transaction by handing them something that will help them with their personal emergency preparedness plan.
You'll be helping others while helping your business at the same time.

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