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How to Sew a Shoofly Quilt Block


    • 1). Select two 100 percent cotton fabrics, one white and the other green. Wash, dry and iron the fabrics before cutting. Mark the fabric using a ruler or template, and cut with scissors or a rotary cutter. Organize the pieces by color and shape.

    • 2). Use a disappearing marker to draw a diagonal line across both of the white 4 7/8-inch squares. Layer each white square over a same-size green square and pin, carefully aligning the edges.

    • 3). Sew a 1/4-inch seam along each side of the diagonal line. Remove the pins and cut along the line. Fold open the four pieced squares and press them flat. Refer to these squares as Unit A.

    • 4). Piece one of the green rectangles to one of the white rectangles and stitch together along the long edge. Make four two-colored squares. Press on the wrong sides. Refer to these pieced squares as Unit B.

    Assembling the Block

    • 1). Work on a flat surface to arrange the pieced sections into three rows of three blocks each as follows. Pin the vertical seams and stitch.

    • 2). Assemble the first row. Place one Unit B between two Unit A. Position Unit B horizontally with the white portion at the top. Position one Unit A to the right of the green portion to the lower left.

    • 3). Arrange the other Unit A to the left of Unit B with the green portion directed inward to the lower right. Pin and stitch in place to create a single strip of the three blocks.

    • 4). Place the white square with a Unit B to the left and right. Position the Unit B pieces so the color strips are vertical, with the long green edge aligned at either side of the white square. Pin and stitch to create a second strip of three blocks.

    • 5). Create the third strip as the mirror image of the first strip. Place Unit B horizontally between two Unit A with the green portion up. Position one Unit A to the left with the green portion to the upper right.

    • 6). Set the other Unit A at the right of Unit B with the green portion to the upper left to create a strip with an upper edge that is all green. Sew the three blocks together.

    • 7). Lay the three strips with the white square in the middle and surrounded by the green fabric. Pin the three strips together, carefully aligning the seams.

    • 8). Layer the quilt block with batting and backing fabric. Quilt through all three layers, using a design to accentuate the block's pattern. Bind around all four edges with backing fabric.

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