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Glendale Visitor Information

From the floor of the desert to the peaks of the highest mountains, Arizona's famous sunshine makes nearly every day the perfect day for sightseeing, hiking, golfing, skiing, or just relaxing by the pool. The peak season in the desert lasts from January until March; shoulder season runs from April through May and September to December; and the value season is June to August (when Glendale air conditioning is really appreciated!). The peak and value seasons in the mountainous areas are the reverse of the desert areas. Depending on what time of year you visit Arizona, and where you plan to travel, the clothes to bring with you might vary from a swimsuit or thick winter jacket. But generally speaking the dress is casual, and the emphasis is on comfort. Not too many restaurants require a jacket and tie for dining; jeans and western clothing are always in style. Only if attending a cultural event or funeral is it necessary to pack a more formal outfit. In the summer, sandals and shorts are appropriate during the day, and a light jacket or sweater is perfect for evening wear. In the winter months a light jacket or sweater is fine in the desert, and a winter jacket is good to have in the mountains. Also, sunglasses, wide-brim hats, and sunscreen are recommended the year around.

Tipping in Arizona is voluntary, and is usually not included in the bill (however some restaurants add a 15% gratuity automatically for groups). Generally taxi drivers and restaurant servers are tipped 15% - 20%, and bellhops are tipped $1 or $2 per bag. Airport sky caps receive 50 per bag. Glendale AC Municipal Airport is the friendliest and best run airport in the Valley of the Sun, providing excellent customer service by combining the personalized service of a small town with all the amenities of a big-city airport. Glendale Municipal Airport provides complete services for general aviation as well as corporate jets, including the Airport Restaurant, car rentals, corporate meeting space, enclosed hangars, and flight instruction. Glendale Municipal Airport is conveniently located to numerous Valley of the Sun destinations at the intersection of Glen Harbor Blvd. and Glendale Ave., just west of Agua Fria Freeway - Loop 101, just 10 minutes north of I 10 and 20 minutes west of I 17.

Glendale's acres of parks and miles of trails for hikers, bikers, and horseback riding make it the perfect playground for athletic and outdoor enthusiasts. There are forty miles of hiking trails which are open from sunrise till sunset. The trails are expansive, and not very demanding. The Skunk Creek Linear Park is a 3 mile linear trail that connects up with the Thunderbird Paseo Path, a 4 mile linear trail. Thunderbird Park consists of several trails spanning 20 miles. Bridle Path is a 9 mile long horseback trail over decomposed granite. Grand Canal Linear Park is a 3 1/4 mile long linear trail. All of these trails offer great vistas and intimate contact with the flora and fauna of the desert; and you will be ready for a cool beverage and Gilbert air conditioning by the end of your day.

Glendale AC is a great place to visit, and its municipal airport is a popular gateway to Arizona's Valley of the Sun. With year-round sunshine visitors are ready to relax with a cooling drink and a little Glendale air conditioning or Gilbert air conditioning in the evening.

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