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CCSVI is a Condition of the Central Nervous System

CCSVI stands for chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency. It is a medical condition where flow of blood in the veins drains the central nervous system. The brain and the spinal cord have difficulty to get rid off and drain the non-oxygenated blood and toxins. Narrowing in the cerebral veins located away from the brain but near the heart cause this medical condition. CCSVI can easily be easily diagnosed by a technique called echo-Doppler. In this non-invasive technique a movable chair, dedicated probes and software are used. The website CCSVI Mexico provides information about CCSVI treatment in Mexico. In the US and most western countries getting quick access to CCSVI treatment is to wait for a long time for a clinical trial. But this is not so in Mexico. Medical tourism companies can assist in making quick arrangements for testing and treating CCSVI

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease involving the central nervous system. It is a complex disease affecting the spinal cord, brain and the optic nerves. In MS, the immune system which protects the body, turns around and mistakenly begins to attack the body's own tissue. It attacks the myelin which is the protective covering around the nerve cells of the central nervous system. The nerves can also get damaged. The disease is characterized by relapses and remissions. Over time, it progresses to disability. Currently the disease is not curable. The symptoms of MS vary from person to person. However there are some common symptoms such as numbness or tingling in the limps, impaired imbalance, double vision or blurred vision in one eye, trouble while walking, weakness, tiredness that is not associated with any kind of activity, stiffness or tightening of the muscles and in change in bladder, bowel and sexual functions.

Though several CCSVI MS research studies have been done it is uncertain whether there is a link between CCSVI and MS. There are some researchers who are willing to accept that there CCSVI and MS may be related, there are several others who definitely say there isn't. So it is uncertain whether treating CCSVI will improve MS condition. A number of people affected with MS CCSVI in the US and Canada are going to Mexico for vascular treatment. This treatment is essentially angioplasty to clear blockages in the veins of the neck. Dr. Paolo Zamboni originally proposed the theory that CCSVI may be the cause of MS. He advises patients suffering from MS to get treated only as part of a research protocol.

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