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The Power of a Piece of Paper - Life Hack

I think a piece of paper is one of the most powerful resource you have.
It can be a great source of innovation and motivation.
For some reason, when we write our thoughts down on a piece of paper, the thoughts and our vision becomes more alive and complete.
I'm not sure why that is.
Maybe it goes back to the days before we had paper or writing instruments.
Imagine cave men counting on their fingers instead of just counting with their head.
The act of visualizing and seeing your thoughts, create more clarity and create more meaning.
Using a piece of paper and a writing instrument have help humanity advance to where we are act today.
When you are writing something down, you make connections that you haven't seen before when the thought was just in your head.
I encourage you to write down your thoughts and ideas.
You should never be more then a hand grab away from a pen and paper.
Some tips on innovative writing, 1) Write till your brain is empty.
Do no critique your ideas, or 'spell check' your words while writing for ideas.
There are no wrong answers or ideas in the brain storming stage.
Often times the crazier the ideas the better.
It's much better to "go out of this world", then bring it back home, then to have mediocre ideas from the start.
2) Have a healthy supply of pen and paper.
Nothing worst then running out of paper.
If you don't have much writing room, your brain automatically shuts down and don't come up with as much ideas.
So always have a healthy supply of writing canvas to come up with your ideas.
Have a writing utensil that works.
3) Let the mind wander while brainstorming.
Wherever your mind takes you, go for it.
Get deep within your thought trails, there's creative ideas to be uncovered.

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