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Static Caravans for Sale in North Wales – Gaining In Popularity

The concept of static caravans for sale in North Wales has been gaining popularity over the last four to five years and many UK residents who did not much fancy the idea of visiting Snowdonia for instance are now making a beeline for it.

So what has changed and what is the reason for this development?

The only plausible reason that can be attributed is the worsening economic situation that has come about and shows no immediate signs of improving dramatically. This has compelled many to reconsider taking those expensive international trips to exotic holiday destinations and UK residents are instead now focussing more on discovering the wonders of the UK countryside and coastline. By doing this, they have been able to avoid taking those pricey trips, made even more expensive due to the prevailing exchange rates.

Then there has been the effort from the Welsh government in doing their bit to promote Wales as a tourist destination. They have been making the right investments into the tourism sector and have rejuvenated existing infrastructure to ensure that the tourism industry is well and truly revived.

The "Coed y Brenin" for instance was the beneficiary of a huge grant from the Welsh Forestry Commission, with the help of which a vibrant visitor centre, biking routes around the mountains and many other trails that were in pretty bad shape have been improved and restored to a condition that has made it possible for visitors now to explore them fully.

It is therefore not a surprise that both North and South Wales have been witnessing a tremendous increase in traffic and Snowdonia in particular has been greatly benefitted by this improvement in the conditions of the areas surrounding it. You now have a lot of tourist traffic to this lovely place, full of valleys, meandering rivers, rugged landscape and scenic beauty.

The typical manner in which tourists have been exploring all that North Wales has on offer is by investing in static caravans for sale in North Wales situated in holiday parks like the Greenacres holidaypark. By setting up a base like the caravan, they have been able to tour the various tourist attractions around the park.

Snowdonia Park was one of the first to get the National Park status in the 1950s and since then, its coastline has been well and truly preserved by conservation authorities. This region has been witnessing a high turnout by tourists and is one of the principal attractions within North Wales.

Static caravans for sale in North Wales positioned in holiday parks like Green acres holidaypark remains the best option for tourists who wish to take short and frequent holidays to a place like North Wales. They are fully aware of the fact that they can if they wish to, spend quality time at the park with friends and family and use the caravans as homes away from their first home.

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