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Meaning of Koi Fish and the Art That Comes With It

More and more Westerners are slowly discovering the wonders of Oriental tattoo designs and are considering the idea of using these designs in their body art.
The koi fish figure with its bold colors is one of these prominent designs.
Basically, this meaning is associated with strength, power and determinism, but does not just stop with those terms.
There are lots of mysticism and mythical stories that can surely entice you even more.
Originally, from China, the koi fish or carp are said to bring good fortune to any person who wears its sign.
Ancient stories said that the koi can transform itself into a dragon after it has displayed its prowess in climbing the legendary waterfalls called the Dragon gate.
Stories have furthermore, revealed that and if threatened, during combat, the koi would gladly face death.
The act of climbing a waterfall can additionally be interpreted as a non-conformist behavior of the koi fish contrary to the usual behavior of going with the flow among with the other fish.
This further show that the koi is not easily perturbed by the other character beliefs in life.
Another koi meaning can be derived from the act of swimming a waterfall upwards.
Some mythologists also interpreted it as a symbol for keeping a high set of standards in one's self.
The koi, even when swept by the tide, still persists and has great faith in his self until it can climb the topmost part of the waterfall.
Given the following stories, no doubt a lot of people are incorporating the koi design in their business.
In fact, collectors have traded these symbols starting from half a million dollars because of its value.
The bright-colored variety of koi is also used as statues erected on fountains and public ponds so that people can be reminded of the richness of life.
People who wear this tattoo design as an inspiration to fight despite obstacles along the way.
If in case, you want to get yourself a koi fish tattoo, it would be good if you pay close attention on details of the caricature.
For Choosing a drawing that is near to its original version should be the one to pick from than any other.
Furthermore, you can go with a tattoo artist who has a background on the meaning of a Koi.
The awareness and sensitivity of an artist greatly contribute to the success of your tattoo.
Try searching these people in yahoo and look at their designs.
Try talking to these artists first and find out if they can give you what you want.
These days, koi fish designs are not just limited to tattoos.
You can have these designs in shirts, mugs or wall decors.
In collecting pieces of memorabilia with a koi fish symbol, you might want to compare prices of these items before buying.
Check the identity of the seller and its reputation in selling memorabilia.
There might also be individuals that want to trade their stuff with koi fish designs.
Make sure you meet them in person and check the goods condition.

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