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Thailand’s Best Desert Island Getaways

Uninhabited tropical islands in Thailand are everywhere, but if you want to stay on one you’ll have to get there by boat and survive without running water, shelter or electricity (in fact you can do that at one of Thailand’s Beach National Parks).

But while you may never be able to find a truly deserted island paradise you can vacation on, there are quite a few islands and resorts that are remote or exclusive enough that you’ll feel as though you and the other guests are the only people there. For the most part, you will pay more for the experience; small island resorts tend to be more expensive than comparable properties on Phuket or Samui.

You won’t pay much more though. Some of the following resorts offer rooms as cheap as $100 per night, and prices can get even cheaper if you’re renting a multi-bedroom villa and sharing it with others. Desert island getaways tend to be either isolated or remote, so they don’t offer visitors many changes to get in touch with Thai culture or even just observe how others live on a daily basis, so if that’s something you were hoping for out of your visit, consider a more popular, and populated, destination. They are also more difficult to get to, so make sure to factor in an extra half day or so of traveling both to and fro.

What these resorts do offer is a change to totally disconnect and relax in some very beautiful surroundings. Since desert island resorts tend to be smaller and more expensive, they also offer tourists a unique and uncommon traveling experience. If that’s something that appeals to you, pack your bags and head for one of these desert island getaways.

Six Senses Yao Noi

This small, five star resort on an island between Phuket and mainland Krabi is one of the nicest island getaways in Thailand. Spacious private villas, amazing views of Phang Nga Bay, friendly and helpful staff and excellent food mean guests are consistently ecstatic about visiting. The villas are luxurious and amenity filled but not ostentatious by any means. You won’t want to leave, which is lucky as it’s quite pricey to go back and forth to the mainland from Yao Noi island.More »

The Naka Island Phuket

This Starwood property has massive private villas with lots of outdoor lounging space and some beautiful views, too. Naka Island, where the resort is located, is just five minutes from the east side of Phuket by speed boat, so while it’s definitely exclusive, it does not feel too isolated or remote.More »

Golden Buddha Resort Phang Nga

This collection of individually owned beach villas on an isolated island off of mainland Phang Nga offers guests lots of peace and quiet. Accommodations are comfortable and attractively designed using mostly natural materials, but amenities are limited. There’s no air conditioning and no swimming pool, two things most people think they can’t live without. Golden Buddha Resort is an excellent value for groups or families, as many of the beach villas have two or more bedrooms and some limited kitchen facilities, too.More »

Nangyuan Island Dive Resort

The cheapest of the desert island getaways is located on a stunning grouping of three islands connected by sand bars off the coast of Koh Tao in the Gulf of Siam. The environment is beautiful and the island grouping unique, but the accommodations aren’t up to par and the experience can be marred by the throngs of visitors that descend on the islands every day.More »

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