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G2 Test Tips

    Preparation & Inspection

    • Make sure that the car you're using to take the test meets the Ministry of Transportation's standards. In addition to having a registered license plate and valid sticker, the car's brakes and brake lights, engine, headlights, horn, parking brake, seat belts, signal lights, tires, and windshield wipers must properly work. Before taking the test, fill the car's gas tank, check that the tires are properly inflated and make other necessary repairs.

    Driving Assessment

    • During the G2, a driver will be assessed on her ability to make turns, change lanes, use signals, handle curves, parallel park, do a three-point turn, make roadside stops and drive through intersections, business and residential sections and on freeways. Before the test, check and adjust mirrors and buckle your seat belt; during the test, keep both hands on the wheel, obey the speed limit, come to a complete stop when required, signal before changing lanes, continue to check the traffic around you and leave an adequate amount of space between your car and the other cars on the road.

    Declaration of Highway Driving Experience

    • As explained on "The Road Test & What You Need to Know!" section of the My Auto Cafe website, an important part of the G2 test is expressway driving; before taking the road test, candidates are required to complete a "Declaration of Highway Driving Experience" to make sure the driver has sufficient driving experience on the expressway. In the declaration, the driver must state how often in the 90 days before taking the road test she has driven on a 400-series highway or a highway with speeds of at least 80 kilometers per hour and how long those trips lasted.

    Additional Tips & Exercises

    • Practice all of the tasks that will be on the G2 and devote extra time to the ones you find difficult. Visit the Ontario Ministry of Transportation's website for information about Drive Test Centre locations, hours, road test appointments and fees.

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