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Fast and Easy Weight Loss Tricks That Don"t Require Exercise

I am going to share some fast and easy weight loss tricks that you can start using to lose weight without having to exercise.
Now this doesn't mean I think exercise is worthless; it is a valuable help in weight loss, however, I also understand that life can get too hectic sometimes and it can be a challenge to fit in a full workout.
This article will show you that you can still lose weight when you apply the right tricks for getting the job done.
Fast and Easy Weight Loss Tricks 1.
Stop drinking your calories.
If you are drinking sugary sodas or coffee drinks then you are sabotaging your weight loss.
Drink 8 glasses of water a day, your body needs it for fat burning.
Stop eating carbs after lunch.
If you want a really fast trick remove carbohydrates from your diet after lunch.
This does a couple of things, first it will allow your body to flush out excess water and also it forces your body to burn body fat for energy later in the day because your body does not have carbs to burn.
Eat a salad before every meal.
This little trick fills your stomach with fiber rich vegetables and makes you less likely to overeat your higher calorie main meal.
Use a stopper.
If you overeat at a meal you will wreck your weight loss so it will help to have a Stopper, this is a food, drink or activity that signifies to your brain that you are done eating.
An example would be sticking a piece of gum in your mouth when you know you have had enough to eat.
This is incompatible with continuing eating and gives your brain time to know you are full.
Use these fast and easy weight loss tricks to help you shed those stubborn pounds without the need for exercise.

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