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What Do You Feed Wild Mice?

    Field Mice

    • Outdoor field mice often gravitate to corn cribs in barns, spilled oats or feed bunks.

    House Mice

    • Mice that live in a home will eat any leftover scraps they can find in the kitchen, on the floor or even in the cracks of the couch cushions.


    • House mice enjoy peanut butter, bread crumbs and chocolate the most.


    • Wild mice should not be kept as a pet. However, if one needs to be fed, an alfalfa-based pellet mix is available for pet mice at larger retail pet stores.


    • Mice like to shred their surroundings to make a soft comfortable areas to nest. When they chew up a blanket, to use the fabric for a nest, that doesn't mean they eat the fabric. Mice only eat food products. They don't eat wood, fabrics or plastics.

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