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More Fight a Speeding Ticket Myths - Don"t Try to Beat Traffic Tickets Because They Won"t Work

Speeding ticket advice is like old wives tales.
Some of them actually are true but many of them don't make much sense.
If you want to fight a speeding ticket, don't buy into the myths because you will lose and have to pay the full fines.
Myth: If you are driving a rental car or someone else's car, the ticket doesn't apply to you.
There is this piece of advice stating that tickets are for the car and not the driver and that judges will understand this if brought up in court.
The reality is that ticket is for your regardless if you are driving your car, someone else's, or a non-car vehicle improperly on the roads.
Myth: If you overpay the speeding ticket, then the ticket won't ever go on your record.
The idea here is that tickets don't go on your record until all the cash side of the deal is taken care of.
The argument is that if you don't cash the refund check for overpaying the ticket, then it won't be on your record.
This is actually untrue.
If you never pay the ticket or pay twice as much, the infraction is still on your driving record.
Myth: If you postpone the court date over and over, the judge will throw out the case and you won't get fined for your ticket.
The problem with this myth is that in many jurisdictions, you aren't allowed to postpone or may only postpone once and have to have a good reason like sickness with a doctor's note.
There may have been places where one could postpone multiple times with no real reasons given and that person got out of a ticket.
But this isn't the best of advice since it's not universally true.
Yes, the court system are backed up with many cases to see, but don't bank on it.
It's better to put together a valid defense and face the judge to fight the ticket.

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