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8 Money Management Tools for iGoogle

You probably already know that iGoogle pulls information from a wide variety of sources to give you a highly customizable online personal start page.Here are some of the best financial gadgets to add to your iGoogle pages.

1. LabPixies Calculator

This handy iGoogle Gadget is great for quick calculations and you can choose from over 20 different skins to change to look any time.More »

2. Stock Portfolio by Christian Nybroe

This stock tracking iGoogle gadget pulls data from the Yahoo! Finance exchanges, which update every 15 minutes.Stock Portfolio configures quickly with clickable icons for setting up your portfolio, checking news or a stock performance chart, and getting access to a help page.The help page will get you started with set up, but you are unlikely to it help after you spend five minutes working with this gadget.Use the gadget settings to set up to five columns of data for each stock (high, low, bid, etc.), how often the portfolio updates and more.More »

3. Buxfer Track Your Money Gadget

Buxfer, mentioned in 4 Ways to Share Expenses and Collect Money Online, has a gadget to let you track your budget on one of your iGoogle pages.Of course, you will need to set up your budget with a free Buxfer account to use this gadget.More »

4. Currency Converter by Rick van Twillert and Creatonic

Convert currency to that of over 175 other countries, then click on Charts to view the latest Foreign Exchange rates or the history of the currencies you convert.Includes Forex news and momentum ranking, and you can preset the currencies you use most often for easy reference.This iGoogle Gadget updates every other minute and currently supports 23 languages.More »

5. Stock Ticker by Vineet Jain

If you prefer to see the performance of stocks you own or are watching moment-by-moment, add Stock Ticker to your iGoogle to stay updated.It is easy to add and remove stocks that Stock Ticker tracks, and you can slow down or speed up the ticker or pause it.Stock Ticker pulls stock data from Yahoo! Finance.More »

6. Mortgage Payment Comparison Calculator by

This iGoogle Gadget compares monthly payments, monthly principal and interest payment, the total amount of interest you will pay and the total amount of money you will spend over the life of mortgage loans.Mortgage Payment Comparison Calculator compares up to four mortgage loans.More »

7. Compounding Calculator By Ponnuswamy Padmanabhan

Wondering how much interest you'll earn on that chunk of change you stashed away in the bank?This iGoogle Gadget does the calculations to find the Compounding Value of Money for an initial amount, interest rate and number of compounding periods.More »

8. Hours Calculator by Jami Wedel

Enter the start and end time within a 24 hour period, and this iGoogle calculator helps you to calculate the time you plan to spend on a project.Hours Calculator is useful for setting quotes to customers or for project-related accounting.More »

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