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Information For Students Considering an Internship in Asia

Asian internships are becoming an effective way for new university graduates to find quality resume building work while gaining valuable international work and travel experience.
An internship in Asia is a life changing opportunity, exposing individuals to a business environment and a culture far different from their own.
However, the process of establishing contact with the international employers, working out visas with foreign country's embassies, and finding a future foreign landlord can be overwhelming.
It is because of this that many new university graduates seeking international internships use agencies specifically set up to deal with all the levels of government involved in establishing a full time job in Asia.
Companies such as New Experiences international, Abroad China, and International internships all vary in the details of the services they offer, but they all can help a first time international internship seeker establish full-time work in Asia quickly and, somewhat, painlessly.
One of the most convenient services that these companies offer is actually finding people jobs in Asia.
These companies have established partnerships with many businesses around China.
Most of these businesses are multinationals seeking English speaking staff but many of them are also Chinese companies.
Fluency in Chinese is therefore not essential because most of the work environments are seeking English speakers.
However, people should not forget that working in Asia is working in a foreign country and the communication medium for all the regular employees and clients will be in the native language.
Most of these placements are in the human resource, economics, education, engineering, law, marketing, business development, and research industries.
Appropriate work experience is often an assent in aiding not only one's placement potential but the negotiating leverage of pay rates.
The length of placement with placement companies varies.
Most companies work out contracts for either 2-6 months or 6-12 months.
The benefits that come with signing a longer contract are many and include higher pay, increased benefits, more travel pay, and essentially a better work experience.
Although the length of the contracts vary the typical work schedule is relatively the same regardless of length of contract.
Most companies require at least a four day work week consisting of 8 hour days.
Some companies require more hours and can request that an employee work up to 6, 8 hour shifts a week.
This should not come as a surprise for those seeking resume building work experiences and a good paying placement, but for those seeking a part-time job they may want to take note of the full-time nature of an Asian internship.

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