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Kinds of Blinds


    • These blinds are a wonderful way to give you complete privacy when they are down. They consist of small cells that have a honeycomb design when looked at from a side angle. When raised, they are very compact. This type of blinds is recommended for light blocking, but are not recommended if you are looking for a way to adjust the incoming light. Since this style of blind is considered more contemporary, it may not suit everyone's taste.


    • Whether they are made from real or faux wood, these blinds are quite durable and very easy to clean. They offer privacy while allowing you to adjust the light coming into the room. They work well for light blocking and dimming. Faux wood blinds can be a bit bulky, but the price compared to real wood blinds is much less. While real wood can be pricey, they are offered in a variety of paints and stains that match any décor.


    • Vertical blinds are the perfect match for large areas and windows such as sliding glass doors. They are quite durable and are made for easy cleaning. Since they hang vertically, they don't collect dust as easily as most blinds. On the down side, unless they are backed with insulating vinyl, they tend to allow light and heat through. While they are seen as contemporary, they come in a array of colors and textures.


    • These blinds are the most well known. They allow the light flow to be adjusted and offer privacy. Since they are made from either aluminum or plastic, they hold up well in damp environments like the bathroom. While they simple to clean, they can be damaged more easily than most blinds. Mini blinds are very inexpensive and come in many different colors. Unfortunately, some complain that they can look cheap if not chosen correctly.

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