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Truck Trailer Components


    • A hitch is comprised of two pieces of metal, one of which is attached to the bumper of a car or truck and another which is attached to the trailer. These two pieces can then be joined and locked together, thereby attaching the trailer to the vehicle which will be towing it. These trailer hitches are made out of either aluminum or steel and can lock together with claps, clips or chains. The sizes of these hitches are based upon how much weight they are supporting, ranging from 2,000 pounds and up. It is important to know the amount of weight that you will be transporting on the trailer, as this must be added to the trailer's weight itself to make sure that you install the correct sized hitch.

    Safety Cables

    • Safety cables come in a number of different sizes and strengths, based upon what will be transported on the trailer. These cables are often made of nylon rope or cable, which can be wrapped around the trailer cargo and locked into place with a clamp or series of complex knots. Metal airplane safety cables are sometimes used for added security, with tests of up to 14,000 pounds each. Lock these cables around heavy pieces of cargo and this will serve to keep the cargo secure over the course of a trailer's journey. Chains can also be used for extra heavy loads.

    Tires and Wheels

    • Tires and wheels range in thickness and durability on trailers. Deciding on which specific tires to install depends on how often the trailer is used, how far it is being towed and how much weight it will be transporting. For trailers that are only towed short distances for things such as debris or garbage, you can stick with the factory-installed tires and wheels. When transporting something heavier and valuable, such as a boat or a car, large durable tires should be attached to the trailer along with custom steel wheels that will not be easily dented in the event of a blowout or accident.

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