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Songs of Love - A Celebration (Part II)

Many times I confuse Sublime love grows With counts.
You silently drip juice Unlike squeezing And swallowing the fruits.
Through a mysterious ripple Your eyes twinkle The mystique message.
In the perennial flow The seeds of aspiration It drenches.
I go back to the Melodious pages of time In me I discover Memories composing The sweetest rhyme.
Twilight shades lightly Over the trees Behind the village Splendid hut.
The aroma of Mild dusty spread Makes you feel Belonging To rural beauty bud.
Throughout night Your smile gathers The petals Of the blooming buds.
I discover Every morning Your freshness Becomes the garden Of my life.
For all my request You fix a date for the next.
When paleness Wrinkles my face, Like a child you lap me Under your wing.
Naively you drench me In the sizzling drops Of rains Unscheduled For that night.
Like fragrance Ripples From the blooming Flower Silence on your face Reads the poem of Your deep desire.
You sail down Deep inside The stream Till you reach Near the shore Of your dream.
Under the roaring tide, We search each other Closing our eyes.
In your cosmic love I search the Cause of the creation And wish I could discover Eve and Adam.
In the high seas Of your beauty I search the pearls of bliss.
After a long roving I immerse Quenching my thirst By the nectar Of your smiles.
I sleep on the waves Of your shyness With your deep signature.
On the rolling edge Of sweetness, The music Of the tides of the night I closely remember.
In the horizon of love I wonder What makes us one.
In the abode of sky, Close to rainbow dome, Like a bird You dream to fly.
Quite often You wait When I am away.
Unknowingly as wind Knocks at your door You fly like a kite Near to your height.
To what depth I shall measure To touch the Nectar of love.
Like drops of Drizzling rain, It drips out From your eyes Swollen by The dreams of Midnight.
I recall Unmindfully sometimes Opinion divides I poise for mine You for yours A brief spell after On a different musical tone We sing together The same soulful song.

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