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How to Bring ED-E to Novac

    • 1). Travel to Primm, located south of Goodsprings in the bottom left corner of the map.

    • 2). Enter the Nash Residence. This residence has a large sign that says "MOJAVE" on the top of it.

    • 3). Select the dismantled robot on the desk to view your two options for fixing it.

    • 4). Select "Science" if your science skill is over 55. Your character repairs ED-E to make it functional. This method requires no additional parts. Once ED-E is fixed, he follows you.

    • 5). Select "Repair" if your repair skill is over 35 and you do not have enough science skill points. To repair ED-E, you must find three piece of scrap metal, two sensor modules and a scrap electronics. These items can be found randomly throughout New Vegas in abandoned houses or settlements.

    • 6). Travel to Novac, located east of Primm.

    • 7). Speak to Old Lady Gibson at the Gibson Scrap Yard at the north end of Novac. The quest is now complete as you have brought ED-E to Novac.

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