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How to Replace a 6ft High Wooden Fence

    • 1). Cut the fence off of the posts by cutting through the nails that attach it to the post with a reciprocating saw.

    • 2). Cut away any remaining pieces of nails or fencing that still might be attached to the post with the reciprocating saw.

    • 3). Inspect the fence posts to make sure that they can be re-used, replacing any that are damaged.

    • 4). Start at one of the end posts and line up the first section of fencing so that the end of the panel lines up in the center of the second post. Attach the panel to both posts using stainless-steel screws or galvanized nails, driving them through where the posts meet the top and bottom rails. Get someone to help you with this because you won't be able to handle these sections by yourself.

    • 5). Line up the next section of fence next to the one you just installed, and attach it the same way. Repeat this process until the fence is done.

    • 6). Cover the small gaps at the end post by measuring and cutting fence panels similar in style to the pre-fabricated panels that you installed, and attach them to the posts.

    • 7). Paint or stain the fence.

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