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How to Stop Self Harm in Australia

Australia is experiencing a big problem with the increase of self harm.
It was reported recently that the rise in self harm in Australia jumped by half, this is an amazing revelation that must be taken seriously.
When the rate of self injury has risen this much it shows that something is seriously wrong with the young people and in the country.
Often we wait and wait for these problems to just go way because we do not like them.
Self injury is some thing that people are uncomfortable talking about.
This is because we do not understand it.
People self injure because they are not happy, there is a deep dissatisfaction among the youth and they have no way to solve their problems.
When you have no answers to problems you end up turning on yourself; hospitalisation for self-harm among people aged 12-24 increased by 43 per cent, according to an Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.
When young people between 12-24 are purposely doing self harm we need to look at getting these young people help.
Australia must wake up to this problem.
If you are cutting and self harming you need help.
The answer is right within you.
You are cutting because you are not happy and are backed up against a wall.
You are being pressured and have no way out.
A person cutting is turning against their own self because they feel no one understands what they are going through.
Science has discovered the answer is within you to stop self harm.
Doctors will want to put you on medication and this may help you but will not cure you.
Medication may be needed but do not stop there, medication is only a first step but do not become a slave to medication.
Science has revealed there is a way to stop yourself from self harm on your own when you learn the technique.
This problem is growing in Australia and worldwide; you must do something fast.
You can take back control of your body from the inside.
You cut because you do not feel in control.
Some people give the power to the medication and stop there; this is not the best path.
Take medication if you must but do not stop at pills.
There is a new technique that has been helping many people with depression self help in an amazing way.
It is a new approach discovered by a filmmaker that has been having great success with self harm thoughts, it involves no doctors, and no therapy, actually the depressed person heals alone.
You are filled back up, replacing with is missing and causing the depression.
You heal yourself alone and this depression self help is effective.
It is an inside-out treatment that has been helping teens and adults.
Self harm will not just go away.

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