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Spanish in San Diego: Why You Need to Learn It Now

Most people would agree that learning a new language is important.

It opens up new opportunities for business and socialization. It is extremely useful when travelling. And it is great for your mental health too-the act of training your brain to adjust to a new language has been found to be helpful in preventing the onset of dementia in adults.

While there are thousands of languages to study and learn, some are more suited depending on the location the learner.

For instance, in San Diego county, learning Spanish comes with the most benefits.

According to the latest US Census Bureau data, Hispanics are the second largest group in San Diego accounting for 32.7 percent of the population. Business-wise, Hispanic-owned firms ranked second in number with more than 15 percent in the San Diego county alone.

"There really are a lot of compelling reasons beyond academics to Study Spanish San Diego," The Spanish Group general manager Salvador Ordorica said. "Many of our students study Spanish to take advantage of business opportunities in the area or to level up their market value in the corporate world."

It is easy to see why San Diego has a robust Hispanic culture. The early settlements in the bay were initially under Spanish and then Mexican rule.

In fact, the name "San Diego" itself was given by a Spanish merchant and conquistador who was mapping the coastline of Alta California for Spain in 1602. It was taken after San Diego de Alcala on whose feast day the first Catholic service was conducted on California soil. In 1821, Mexicans ousted the Spanish in the Mexican War of Independence and only became part of the United States in 1848.

Today, in California, Hispanics now equal the number of Caucasians, according to a new report issued by the California Department of Finance. The same report predicts the key role of Hispanics in driving American economy by 2060.

Nationwide, the figures are even more telling. As early as 2001, a USA Today article noted that "Americans are finding that not knowing Spanish can be a handicap." Meanwhile, a Forbes article dubbed Hispanics as "super consumers" in acknowledgment of the community's largely untapped potential which will eventually help shape new business models.

Where to study Spanish in San Diego

The Spanish Group is a Spanish learning company which offers language lessons for all levels. The group is known for its flexible and custom teaching method which focuses on the learner's pace, language acquisition level and even preferred schedule and venue.

The Spanish Group is composed of a team of highly skilled teachers, tutors, translators and interpreters who are genuinely warm and patient. Each teacher has extensive and intensive experience speaking and teaching the Hispanic language both in large classroom set-ups and one-on-one sessions.

The group's headquarters is located at 4500 Campus Drive, Suite 650, Newport Beach. For those who want to Study Spanish San Diego country, the group offers service-based language and tutorial sessions for students and professionals.

For more information, call (949) 793-7372 or visit Interested students or clients can also follow OC Spanish on Twitter ( or on Facebook (

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