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Is a Cat Right For You?

Cats are one of the most prevalent domesticated animals today with over 63 million recorded as pets.
Cats make wonderful pets if you can understand them, spend time with them and treat them properly.
There are many reasons why people consider getting cats as pets including the following reasons: - Cats are quieter than dogs - Cats are smaller - Cats don't need to be walked - Cats don't require as much grooming - Cats are independent, but enjoy attention - Cats are often non-aggressive - Cats are cheaper than dogs - Cats can fit in apartments and condos - Cats don't require as much exercise as dogs - Cats don't require training.
Once you know why cats are considered good pets then you should consider whether or not a cat is right for you.
Before you adopt a cat or kitten, you need to ask yourself a few questions.
If you can answer no to any specific question then you should strongly consider whether or not adopting a cat is right for you.
If you can't properly care for a cat then you shouldn't adopt them.
- Do you have enough room? - Can you deal with the litter box and potential accidents? - Can you afford the cost of caring for a cat? - Can you spend at least two hours a day with your cat? - To avoid bad behaviors can you deal with training your cat? - Can you deal with the shedding and pet hair? - Are you able to keep the cat indoors? - Are you okay with your furniture getting clawed or damaged? - Can you deal with illness and death? While cats require less room than dogs they still need no less than 700 square feet for one cat.
While cats are often, clean animals they are still going to need someone to clean their litter box and if your cat is ill, you will still need to deal with the occasional accident.
While cats are cheaper than dogs you need to afford the minimum supplies including food, bowls, litter, scratching post, bed, toys, carrier, brush, collar and necessary medical care.
A cat needs to visit the vet at least once a year for preventative care.
Cats need nurturing and exercise just as other pets do.
You need to spend at least two hours a day with your cat.
The biggest problem among cats is that they are hairy and can shed.
Be prepared to deal with a lot of hair on your clothes and furniture.

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