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Build Your Own Kids Picnic Tables Using Plans - Save Time and Money

This is a story of my friend on how he saved money by building a picnic table for his kids by himself.

Let's call him Matt. Matt is the kind of guy who loves DIY. One day he thought it would be nice to build a picnic table for his kids himself. He would save some money too. He remembered buying some kids picnic table plans a few months back and remembered the promise he had made to his wife and kids to buid the picnic table before the first snowfall which was about two months away.

As a family, they spend a lot of time outdoors. Matt thought that building a picnic table for the kids would be a pretty cool thing to do and that the kids will appreciate it. It might help bringing the kids closer together.. you know, break bread before a long afternoon nap.

Matt found the plans in his toolbox and thought he would build the picnic table that weekend. He checked off the materials and started building early on Saturday morning. This was when I visited Matt and I was surprised to see how easy it was to build the kids picnic table. Matt said I would not be that easy without the plans and he was glad he picked the plan up.

The kids were impressed with their new picnic table and was proud of their daddy. Matt's youngest son, the 3-year old Brian kept telling me, "my dad built this!". He was surely so proud of his daddy.

That prompted me to ask Matt about where he bought the plans as I myself was excited to build something for my mom at home (I don't have my own family yet). Matt asked me to visit this website [http://www.build-your-own.info] as they have plenty of woodworking plans for anything imaginable.

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