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The General Plan to Starting an Internet Business

There will be many people reading this, and each at his or her own level of knowledge of course.
But I'm going to address this in the only way I know how; naturally if you do not understand a statement or phrase, just Google it and learn about it! Learning to be financially independent with an Internet business requires much learning.
I am going to give an overview here of the process of Internet business (in my own terms based on my own experience).
My first attempts at the Internet business were completely backwards.
I am an inventor and an author, so I was constantly creating products, then trying to find the market.
I'm here to tell you, that is not the way to run an Internet business.
You have to find the market FIRST, then you provide the market with what you have.
There are no exceptions to this rule.
If you have an invention or book that you want to promote that is of course fine, but its not good material to start your Internet business unless you have found a market for the product first.
How to find the market? Sign up with goggle ad words, go to the tools section, then keyword estimator.
Using this you can find what search phrases are searched for and the number of people who are searching for them.
You can also find if the search word or phrase has any competition.
You want to find one that has the highest search number with the lowest competition.
That way, you find the market first, and also rule out most competition at the same time.
You will not find an ideal search term or phrase right away, you will have to spend an hour or two trying all different types of phrases, but I assure you there are plenty of available search words or phrases that are there to build a web site around.
I assure you! Try to center your keywords around your interests and hobbies.
This way you will work toward something you enjoy, which is half the fun! Once you find your topic of interest with decent or great search volumes (2,000 to 100,000) searches a month, with no competition then you will have to decide how to make this site profitable.
How to make a profit? Well Depending on what the topic is you may be able to find an affiliate program to place on the web page.
An affiliate program is where you are selling other peoples products for them and you keep a percentage.
There are thousands of affiliate programs out there and the best way to get started is to Google for them.
If you decided to make a site about suit cases, then you Google for an affiliate this way search for suit cases +affiliates.
The results will give a long list of pages that should be suit case affiliate companies.
Usually these are always completely free.
Another way to make money is to use Google AdSense, which is where you place advertising on your own site for Google customers (or Yahoo, or MSN) and each time someone clicks on an ad, you get paid.
You will have an easier time getting to page one of Google searches or yahoo search results for your new web page because you picked a topic that has low competition.
You will have to make sure to use the keyword or phrase that you selected for your web page in the document and in the meta tags of the HTML code.
This is called search engine optimization ..
look it up and learn it! This is critical.
When done properly you will generate free traffic through people doing normal searches on search engines, as you will be on page one for your selected keywords or phrases.
You can use more than one keyword or phrase per web page also.
To promote your page further it is necessary to blog - look it up if you don't know what this means.
This is where you will basically talk about your topic on other peoples web pages.
You will want to write articles like this one and post them on Internet magazines called ezines.
You get to post your link to your web site at the end of the article.
These articles are read by thousands of people and even get passed around, all with your own web site link inside.
You may come up with as many web pages and topics as your heart desires, all having their own affiliate programs and advertising.
You are really only limited by your own imagination as to how to make money once you have your site up and running.
Following is a great tip! Purchase one hosting package with any hosting service you prefer.
I prefer yahoo site solutions as the web pages are very simple to create all by yourself.
Believe me, I make no money for suggesting that, its just my experience.
You can basically build as many sites and pages as you desire with this one hosting package and it is the easiest I have found.
You get to pick a domain name with the hosting package, for example trimmerassist.
I use this one domain for everyone of my web sites and I never buy new domain names for different topics.
Some people will buy a domain name and a new hosting package for each different idea or web page.
I don't! I just build another page with my new idea for instance mysite.
Then if that site needs another page, I build it as mysite.
You can of course name the new pages anything you want, but the point is you can host everything on one hosting plan.
This saves you enormous money each month.
The search engines do not care what the domain name is as I have learned all on my own.
They care about the keywords and other principles of search engine optimisation as I mentioned earlier - look it up! And finally, you need to come up with a system to capture your visitors email address so that you can contact them in the future with sales promotions.
You will really generate big money as you will have permission from your most desired customers to pitch your sales too.
This is like going to Africa in the summer time and selling snow cones.
Pretty easy right? Believe me, people like me have escaped the 9 to 5 jobs doing just this.
And I'm more than proud to be one of them.
I have written this article in an attempt to give back for all the information I've learned for free from other people just like you.
Now what are you waiting for?

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