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How to Treat Leg Ulcers

    • 1). See your doctor. You will need a physical examination so your doctor can evaluate the extent of your leg ulcers and determine what is causing them. He may also take a culture of your wound to check it for infection.

    • 2). Ask about antibiotics. If your wound is infected, ask your doctor which antibiotic is appropriate for you. Your doctor will know which one to prescribe. Make sure you tell him if you are allergic to any particular antibiotic so that he can suggest an alternative.

    • 3). Keep it clean. Leg ulcers are prone to infection, so keeping it clean will help decrease the risk. Ask your doctor to recommend a wound cleanser that is appropriate for the type of leg ulcer that you have. He may suggest a cleaner that you can buy over the counter, or he may prescribe one for you.

    • 4). Keep it covered. After you clean your leg ulcer, it is best to keep it covered with a dressing to keep it from getting dirty. Your doctor can recommend the type of leg ulcer dressing that is appropriate for your type of wound. Ask your doctor how often you should change your dressing. Some leg ulcer dressings come pre-medicated with ointments on them.

    • 5). Drink lots of fluids. It is important not to become dehydrated when you have leg ulcers. Drinking plenty of fluids will help with the healing process.

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