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Clean Air To The Lungs And Brain

Some junior high school teachers and students have for years complained about the poor air. Teachers were heavy, and the students were restless. The solution was found musty replacement with fresh air. In the past some secondary schools were to spend 5-10 minutes in corridors. When the students returned to class, the air was already useless.

Now, the breaks have been extended to 15 minutes, and the students will go out. Categories ventilated and windows is considered to be open, weather permitting notice the difference: in the corridors and classrooms have at least an hour to begin fresh. Teachers are happy, but the students did not want to give up indoor mini spent in the intermediate classes.

Ventilation is further improved ventilation device which heats incoming make-up air in winter. The final solution is only now coming from the renovation of moisture damage suffered facilities will be repaired and the school installed a modern ventilation system.

Down into carbon dioxide

Health Experts recommend & understood that a person needs fresh air in the same way as water and food. Indoor and oxygen is usually sufficient, the problem of an excessive amount of carbon dioxide.
Man is good to have when the indoor temperature is 21-23 degrees, the stale air has been removed and has been replaced by fresh air from the outside and does not have any harmful odors and particles.
Simple, but few treat, especially when the local administration public buildings, schools, kindergartens and hospitals are in poor condition.

Now, the municipalities should be urgently required clarifications on which items are most in need of refurbishment. Priority is given may not be the schools where parents consider the most votes, but those in which teachers and students have the worst health in danger.

Rustle, itching

Dry and stale room air is not just a convenience, the side but a real threat to your health. The most common symptoms caused by poor indoor air include itchy eyes, runny nose, cough, dry skin, and recurrent respiratory infections. Also, hoarseness, constant fatigue, headache, and some other disease to indoor air problem.

A prolonged period of living or working in poor indoor air can lead to asthma, or eye conjunctivitis. Children are particularly vulnerable to illness because their immune systems are weaker than adults. Also, elderly people are at risk, but they are bad to complain about indoor air quality of future symptoms, or they are covered under other conditions.

Dusts tables

So what should you do? Buildings to be repaired in order. Problems arise not only soaked the outer walls and ceilings, but also dirty air ducts. In addition, the old thermal and acoustic insulation materials begin to deteriorate, and they release into the room air to the respiratory tract, eyes and skin irritants industrial fibers. First aid before the renovation it is necessary to improve the quantity and quality of cleaning. When the air-deposited fibers are obtained from a polyamine, indoors is already degrees easier to breathe. Saving for cleaning is a disservice to those working in health facilities.

Their contribution can be made by everyone. Unnecessary paper bags should move the tables in closed boxes or cabinets. Otherwise, the cleaners did not even get a chance to clean the surfaces. Here I have, unfortunately, a bad example this issue and believes the power of the stack of paper filled his desk.

Satisfactory plus

Job poor indoor air should first inform their immediate supervisor, who will liaise with the agency for the property. If the indoor air causes the symptoms, the correct address is in addition to occupational health services. Attitudes as well as problems caused by money, or rather the lack of it. It is sad to be a diplomat in a situation where workers are forced to work in poor areas and municipalities concerned have the money for repairs.

A wise employer to understand to take care of the most important capital of the employees. Their performance condition will remain high only if the indoor air quality is good, and the working conditions are in accordance with the requirements of the work anyway and comfortable. Fresh air and high-spirited mind go hand in hand. When you pull the nose through the lungs with air from outside the bowl, the mind becomes lighter.

Cleaner Air

1. Clean up the paper trays on your desktop
2. Arise once an hour for light exercise
3. Got out (not on a smoke break), if it is possible to
4. Fan, unless the house has forced-air ventilation
5. Please inform your supervisor of poor indoor air quality and symptoms of occupational health care.

Harmful particles

1. Building materials released from industrial fibers
2. Structures of the interior and exterior are microbes
3. Asbestos
4. Secondhand smoke
5. Road dust
6. Houses, wood burning particles from
7. Emissions from transport
8. Energy plants and plant emissions

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