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Seduction, Attaction, and Beer? A Secret Guide To Land That Man of Your Dreams

If a fisherman wants to catch a beautiful rainbow trout in the river, he• s not goint to put a steak on the hook. He• s going to use bait that has been known to work for ages • lures.
A • lure• is something you use to get the thing you want to catch onto your hook. Fishermen use shiny and squiggly lures of all shapes and colors.

The same goes for catching a man. If you want to catch a man, specifically, the right man. You• re going to have use the right bait. The question now becomes: what are you putting on your hook? What are you using to catch your man?

Before reaching for the next lure, consider this. There are three things you can put on that hook to catch a man. They are: Laughter, Beer, and Breasts. Sounds pretty juvenille, doesn• t it? Well, that• s because we are dealing with men. I don• t care if you want to date a constitutional law professor or a rocket scientist, most men, will fall for these three things.

Trust me, I• ve been a man for nearly forty years. Whether you just meet a man or have known him for awhile, if you just take a moment to laugh at the things he says, drink a beer with him, and entice him with the profile of your bosom, he will fall over you in about three minutes. That• s right, three minutes.

Here• s the breakdown. Laugher signifies approval on so many levels. You• re sending a signal to him that he is charming, funny, and deserving of attention. If you drink a beer with him, your telling him that you are down to earth and willing to play on his level. This brings is comfort level way down.
Lastly, is there any need to explain the third and finally item: your bosom? Men love breasts. We often love full and firm breasts even more. Breasts signify sensuality to many men, and usually jump starts their visual fantasies.

But what if you• re not sure about the effectiveness of your breasts? Maybe you have considered breast enhancement surgery in the past, but couldn• t get over the cost or the possible pain that comes with taking a knife to your breasts. Are there any other options?
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Remember the three things the next time you go out. If it works, I want to be invited to the wedding.

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