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Making Baby Shower Things

    Room Decorations

    • 1). Bunch helium balloons to add color to the venue. Use pastel shades such as pink, blue, yellow or lavender. Depending on personal preference, tape three to five balloons to the wall, or allow them to float across the ceiling. Tie each balloon to a length of silver or white silk ribbon, and allow it to hang halfway down across the room.

    • 2). String a clothesline across the room, attaching the ends to the wall with removable tape. Hang newborn clothes such as booties, sleeping suits, T-shirts, vests, caps, bibs and mittens using pink or blue clothespins for a girl or boy, respectively, or yellow if the sex of the baby is undetermined.

    • 3). String small ribbon clothesline across doorways, windows and an unused fireplace. Suspend a small collection of baby's clothes using clothespins.

    • 4). Stencil baby bottles, storks and diapers on construction paper, and cut over the lines with scissors. Glue each item, and sprinkle glitter over it for added effect. Punch a hole through the top of each, and thread a length of ribbon. Tape the ribbon to the ceiling so the cutout dangles halfway to the floor.

    Table Decorations

    • 1). Fill baby bottles and baby drinking cups with chocolate candies and aromatherapy salts. Place bottles over tables across the room for the guests who win games to claim as their prizes, or double these to serve as party favors.

    • 2). Create a three-tiered diaper cake to serve as a centerpiece. To form tiers, roll each disposable diaper tight, and secure it with a length of tape or elastic band so it does not come loose. Use many diapers for the base layer as they hold the weight of the tiers above. Stand the rolled diapers per tier together in a tight circle, and loop a length of grosgrain ribbon to hold them together. Place the tiers on top of one another, and embellish the diaper cake with lightweight decorations such as small stuffed animals, rubber ducks, baby pacifiers, lightweight toys and silk flowers.

    • 3). Create an edible fruit bouquet to spruce up a table. Cut a pineapple into 1/2-inch thick slices. Press a flower-shaped cookie cutter over each slice to form flowers. Scoop a ball of cantaloupe using a melon baller, and slice in half. Place a half-slice over the center of each flower, and insert the tip of a dowel through each. Insert the other end of the dowel through foam at an angle, and place in a round bowl. Spread parsley between skewers to cover the foam.

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