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How to Detect Subliminal Messages in DVDs

    • 1). Watch the DVD one time all the way through. If you see or hear anything out of the ordinary, make a note on a sheet of paper that includes the scene and any feelings it produced.

    • 2). Write down any strange feelings or disconnected thoughts you experienced while watching the movie. Some subliminal messages are meant to create a gradual shift of emotion over the course of the movie.

    • 3). Watch the DVD again with the sound on your television turned up. If possible, attach headphones to your DVD player or television to eliminate any auditory distractions. Listen for anything out of the ordinary. Auditory subliminal messages may be whispered or mumbled by actors, or may take the form of seemingly disconnected sound effects.

    • 4). Watch the DVD a final time in slow-motion. Most DVD players offer this feature, some allowing playback as slow as 1/16. Look for any images that are out-of-place. Visual subliminal messages often appear between scenes or during the climactic final scene.

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