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HTC Legend Mobile Phone Reviews

Mobile phones are one of the fastest selling gadgets and are in demand worldwide.
HTC is one of the world's most reputed brands of mobile phone.
This phone as already created a lot of buzz in the market.
One of the most noticeable features of HTC Legend is its ultra responsive touch screen.
HTC Legend is a simple and elegant phone.
Its cool aluminum body casing conveys style and elegance.
It is slightly bigger than the average mobiles; however its size does not make it very heavy.
If you have this phone with you then there will be absolutely no issue of network problems or voice clarity as the top and bottom rubberized plastic and a strong cover provides a better signal strength.
The screen resolution is pretty decent backed with a 3.
2 inch screen AMOLED display.
HTC Legend is backed by the powerful latest version of Android 2.
The phone also boasts of having a new added application called Friend Stream.
It is being liked very much by the users as it combines Facebbok, Flikr and Twitter and displays them together.
The dialer of HTC Legend features call log shortcut, keypad, contact list etc.
Besides, you will find Smart Dialing feature in it, which enables you to make calls easily and quickly.
Legend is equipped with a superb 5MP camera which comes with a LED flash that enables you to take pictures even in the dark.
The lens however is not provided with a cover and thus, you need to protect it from scratches.
You will find a lot of photo editing features in Legend like Geotagging and Autofocus etc.
In terms of entertainment, Legend has got video and audio player which support many formats including WAV, WMA, AAC, AMR and M4A etc.
Legend also supports EDGE and GPRS.
Besides, HSDPA is available at a good speed of up to 7.
2 MB/sec.

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