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Stem Cell Breast Augmentation (Autologous fat transfer)

Stem Cell Breast Augmentation

This revolutionary new treatment involves harvesting fat from various areas of your body (e.g. abdomen, flanks, outer thighs) and then having it re-injected into your breasts to give them fuller volume and shape.  It is a minimally invasive procedure performed under local anaesthetic and leaves you with NO scars.  As it is your own tissue there is no chance of rejection or allergic reaction.

Frequently Asked  Questions

What is Stem Cell Breast Augmentation?

Stem cell breast augmentation is a procedure based on regenerative medicine and involves the collection of stem cells from your own adipose (fat) tissue and the re-injection of those cells, together with purified adipose tissue into the breast.  The stem cells maintain the viability of the fat that has been injected and create an infrastructure for it to survive.  The fat tissue then integrates naturally with the surrounding breast tissue, resulting in permanently bigger, firmer breasts.  It is possible to gain 1-2 cup sizes per treatment depending on how much fat is harvested. Using the patients own cells represents a highly safe treatment with no concerns of foreign body reaction, such as encapsulation, allergies or tissue rejection.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are a particular type of cell that can differentiate into various other cells when placed in the correct environment.  They also release growth factors which stimulate blood vessel production which maintains the viability of the surrounding tissue.

What other conditions can Stem Cells be used for?

Stem cells have of recent attracted significant interest in several different medical specialities including heart attacks, strokes, heart failure, rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative bone disease, diabetes, Parkinson's, MS, liver cirrhosis, skin grafts and scar revision.

Where is the fat taken from?

Stem cells are harvested from the patient's own fat during our VASER Liposelection procedure. Stem cell breast augmentation therefore is to be used in combination with ultrasound assisted liposulpture.  A modified liposelection procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and the tissue is then processed in a machine which concentrates the stem cells.  Once this procedure is complete the concentrate is then combined with more fat tissue and re-injected into the breasts through tiny little puncture holes, thus leaving no scars.  The most common areas where fat is harvested from are abdomen, outer thighs and flanks.

How are the stem cells administered into the breasts.

Equal amounts of Stem cell concentrate and fat tissue are injected into both breasts to give them a fuller and firmer shape.   The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and administration is via a small cannula which leaves no scar.  The fat tissue gives the breast a natural look and feel.

What are the risk factors?

As with any other minimally invasive procedure there is a small risk of infection, bleeding, bruising.  As the fat is your own tissue the chances of allergic reaction, rejection and capsule formation are almost negligible compared to traditional breast augmentation techniques.

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