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A Baby Less: The Decline of Children Being Born in the United States

On a cozy tree lined street in New Jersey, the wind blows, horns honk and life passes gingerly.
There is one thing, however that is missing.
That one thing is the sound of children playing.
I grew up on this block and still live here to this day and never has the silence been so deafening.
Growing up here, there were at least 30 to 40 kids and we all played together outside.
Now there is nothing, just that empty, painful, silence.
I tried to understand what was going on, especially after hearing from two television reports and an online article that the birthing rate was on steady decline in the United States.
Everyone's reasons varied while some stayed the same: • "Just not interested in children right now, I am more focused on my career.
" • "I don't like kids.
" • "I am not ready for that type of responsibility; I can barely take care of me.
" • "Kids take the fun out of life.
You can't do anything you want anymore.
" • "I'm scared of having children in this economy.
I don't want to get stuck being unable to provide for them.
" This goes on and on - These are just the top answers I received from people I asked.
It makes me wonder are we going to become a society that no longer has an interest in children.
Then to see the decline isn't in just area's that are considered "expensive" to live in - but it's all around the country.
There are so many questions that I have on this topic, yet the information has only drizzled and drabbed out.
I have even searched via Google to get how this type of behavior might affect the rest of the country besides population decline.
I already know how it is affecting my small little tree lined street.
The joy of children laughing and playing is now replaced by a silence that I am not exactly comfortable with.
The community involvement such as block associations and block parties has all but dissipated.
This disconnection has driven a wedge in the community - The lack of children has given the adults reason to avoid each other.
The children and these activities for them created a forced interaction if you will.
This taught them [Parents and Children] how to become friends and better neighbors.
Now, that is all a dream of the past.
I can only hope it comes back, because the block does not seem quite as cozy and the country doesn't seem quite as child friendly.

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