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How to Fish With Red Worms

    • 1). Attach a bait-holder hook to the end of your monofilament fishing line with a Palomar knot. Tie the knot by feeding 6 to 8 inches of line through the eye of the hook. Double the line and pass the free end back through the eye to form a loop on one side of the eye and a doubled line on the other.

    • 2). Tie an overhand knot with the loop and doubled line. Pull the loop through the knot and down over the bend of the hook. Moist the knot and pull the knot tight around the eye of the hook. Trim excess line from the knot with sharp scissors.

    • 3). Attach a 1/4 ounce or less crimp on weight 12 to 15 inches above the hook. Place the line in the slot of the weight and use a pair of pliers to crimp the weight down tightly around the line.

    • 4). Place a red worm on the bait holder hook. Insert the point of the hook through the nose of the worm and down through the body for about 1/2 inch. Push the point of the hook out of the body and wrap the worm around the hook one or two times. Insert the point of the hook back into the worm at or near the tail.

    • 5). Cast your line with the worm and weight into a pond, lake or river. In rivers, look for pools that form at the end of riffles and eddies. Allow the weight to work the worm down into the water and the worm to work in the current naturally.

    • 6). Allow a fish to take the worm and turn before setting the hook. Raise your rod tip slightly and reel down on the line by turning the handle of the reel. Maintain a tight line as you play the fish and work it in toward you.

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