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Amazon Kindle Specs

    E Ink Screen

    • The Amazon Kindle uses the latest E Ink Pearl technology, which gives it a 50 percent better contrast over earlier Kindle models and competitive reading devices. There is no glare, even in bright sunlight, because of the E Ink screen display. Additionally, Amazon improved the fonts to display crisper and darker than past Kindle devices.

    Storage Capacity

    • Amazon's latest Kindle holds up to 3,500 books --- double the storage of former versions. You can literally carry around an entire library of books in the palm of your hand.


    • The entire line of Kindles are lightweight: The Kindle Wi-Fi model is 8.5 ounces, the 3G + Wi-Fi model is 8.7 ounces and the Kindle DX weighs 18.9 ounces. The size for the two smaller Kindle models is a 6-inch diagonal display. The device is 7.5 inches tall and 4.8 inches wide. The Kindle DX has a 9.7-diagonal display measured at 10.4 inches tall by 7.2 inches wide.

    Battery Life

    • Wired magazine classified the Kindle's battery life as "long enough for space shuttle missions." The reading device boasts a one-month battery life while wireless is off. When wireless functionality is enabled, the battery lasts three weeks before you have to recharge the unit. The Kindle will automatically go into sleep mode after a certain period of inactivity, which helps save battery life.

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