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Difference Between Moon Roof & Sun Roof

    Traditional Sunroof

    • Traditionally, a sunroof is made of painted metal and blends in with the top of the car. A true sunroof only allows light or air into the vehicle when it is open.

    Modern Sunroofs

    • Today, the term sunroof is a general term for any panel in the roof of a vehicle that is operable and allows light, air or both into the car. It may be manually operated or electric.

    Sunroof Types

    • Several types of sunroofs are available, including pop-up sunroofs, spoiler sunroofs, folding sunroofs, top-mount sliding sunroofs, panoramic roof systems and removable roof panels.


    • A moonroof is considered a type of sunroof. It is also known as an inbuilt sunroof or internal sliding sunroof.

    Moonroof Name

    • Ford coined the term "moonroof" in the 1970s for use on its vehicles.

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