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Las Vegas Still Angry at Obama for Job Losses, He"s in Office Because Half of Nevada Voted for Him

The other day, I was talking to an individual from Las Vegas, and somehow we got on the subject of politics.
Yes, I know you're not surprise considering how many words I've expended on the topic, but nevertheless, they admitted to me that they voted for President Obama.
This surprises me, because most people in Nevada will not admit that they voted for President Obama even though he did win state.
In other words, a little over half the people who did vote, voted for the gentleman.
What happened after that was quite interesting.
President Obama made statements about fat cat corporations having their annual meetings there and wasting money in Las Vegas.
That's pretty unfortunate for a city which prides itself on tourism, and without tourism cannot exist, because there would be no jobs.
After all the city is in the middle of a desert, there's nothing there, and there's no reason for a city other than entertainment, gambling, and the fact that it is a destination location.
When President Obama publicly dissuaded people from going to Las Vegas, it severely hurt tourism.
Then the cost of fuel went up, and airline fares increased, all this in the middle of a recession, and Las Vegas was one of the worst cities hit after the real estate bubble collapse.
Indeed, it was among some of the fastest growing cities in America, and it was blindsided when the growth stopped.
Anyway, the gentleman I was talking to who did vote for Obama tells me that Las Vegas is still quite angry for the job losses, after President Obama made all those comments.
Now then, I do not believe that President Obama can win the State of Nevada again.
I don't believe the unions that work for the hotels will vote for him, and I think most everyone in the city is against his party, and the Obama Administration's actions, not to mention some of Obama speeches and jabs at wasteful trips to Las Vegas.
How many people lost their jobs? Well, in the hospitality industry alone in Las Vegas the job losses were well over 25,000 and although many of those jobs have returned finally, not all of them did come back.
Thus, there are quite a few angry folks in the city who probably wouldn't vote for President Obama if he was the last person on the planet.
Seriously, that is a direct quote from the individual I was talking to, and I thought you should know.
Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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