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Duck Repellent and Control for Beginners

Ducks are really beautiful with all of their wonderful colors.
The greens, browns, and orange colors all blend in magnificently together.
I think they are cute, but there are many others that be the differ.
If you have a grudge against these critters, then don't do any harm to them as there are many ways to get rid of them without causing harm.
The majority of these methods are natural and easy to implement.
The most popular method of duck repellent is to use liquid chemicals.
These chemicals work by causing the grass that the ducks eat to taste really bad.
Either that or they give the birds an upset stomach or indigestion.
I get a whole bunch of questions about whether or not these deterrents hurt the ducks and the answer is no.
I have not heard of one of them causing harm and basically every product that I have used clearly states environmentally friendly on the label.
Because ducks love the water, one of the most common areas that people want to repel them from are ponds and lakes.
This next little tip really only works on small ponds.
Ducks like to land on the water at and angle.
Therefore, if you set up a barrier around the pond, they will have more trouble that usually making their comfortable entrance to their favorite swimming pool of water.
Holographic tape works really well for this because it reflects the suns rays and scares a bunch of them away.
If you have a really small coy pond, then you could put netting over it to keep the ducks out.
Netting is a good duck deterrent because it keeps them from getting in the pond, as well as a host of other animals like raccoons.

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