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How to Pay an Illinois Speeding Ticket Online

    • 1). Look at your speeding ticket to find out if you're eligible to pay without appearing. The officer assigns a number and enters information about the case as well as identifying information and the location of the alleged violation. The next boxes have to do with the violation itself. The box for speeding, Illinois Vehicle Code, 625 Chapter 11, should be checked and the speed and speed limit noted. At the bottom of the citation, the court date should be entered and one of the boxes indicating whether a court appearance is required should be checked. Most minor speeding offenses are listed as, "No court appearance required". If you've been released without bond (Released on your own recognizance, "ROR") and are not required to appear, you may be able to pay your fines online. If, however, you have been required to post bond, you may have to appear in court to recover the money as well as any relevant documents.

    • 2). Look on the back of your ticket. Instructions for pleading guilty and paying your fine by mail are printed there, including information on the traffic school option, which allows the court to withhold judgment, providing you attend a course in safe driving and have no further violations for a period of time, usually a year. Your copy of the citation contains a form to mail in with your plea and payment. If you need to use a credit card or just want to expedite a payment, your options include phone or online payments for many--but not all--counties.

    • 3). Identify the jurisdiction where your ticket was issued. Each circuit clerk establishes fee collection practices. Regulations vary from county to county. Since speeding tickets may be written as violations of either state or municipal law (check at the top in the complaint box), you may need to check with the clerk in a specific village or city about paying your fine.

    • 4). Check online payment options. The Illinois State Treasurer's office maintains a site that collects fines for counties called E-Pay. It will direct you to the appropriate clerk's website for complete instructions. An independent processor, GovPayNow can process payments but you must have the court's unit number in order to code your payment. The Cook County (the largest county court in the United States with over 400 judges) circuit clerk's office operates a Cash Bail by Credit system. In effect since 2005, the office is now working on implementing a system to accept pleas, process requests for traffic school, change court dates and accept fines.

    • 5). Check with the county's circuit clerk. Most circuit court clerks' websites post instructions for payment of non-appearance fines. Most will include an email address for questions and more information.

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