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Diablo 3: Some Changes of Patch 2.1.2 Released released the Diablo 3 patch 2.1.2 on January 13rd. Aside from the adjustment predicted, some new change are along with the new patch. Blizzard has made quite a few changes to the classes in the game in their never-ending effort to balance the classes and to make them as fun as possible. Blizzard has also introduced three new legendary gems and three new legendary items that should help shake things up a bit. This is the most professional site offering Diablo 3 items at reasonable prices. Whether you want to get the latest information about Diablo 3 or buy D3 items at low prices, we are always your second-to-none option!

The new Diablo 3 patch is probably the biggest set of changes to the dungeon crawler since the Ultimate Evil Edition launch. The thing about games like Diablo 3 is that they can be completed fairly quickly, but what makes the game appealing is the quest to keep hunting for newer and better gear. Given that the gear drops and stats are random, it's hard to find two items that share the exact same stats. Now the good news is that if you're sick of the grind, Blizzard has recently announced that Patch 2.1.2 is now live.

And what is biggest change in the patch? Perhaps best answer is the addition of Ancient items, which are more powerful versions of Legendary items, which drop at Torment I or higher, or possibly whenever you receive a Legendary or Set item in a drop, craft one, or buy it from

There will also be four new types of treasure goblins that will be added to the game. These include the Gem Hoarder, the Blood Thief, the Odious Collector, and Malevolent Tormentor. All goblins are expected to drop different loot and will only be available in Adventure Mode. They will also gain a special minimap icon so that players will know where they are.

Blizzard has also buffed Whimsydale to make it more rewarding, and has also improved and made changes to Bounties & Events, Nephalem Rifts, and more. There is also the addition of the "Ancient Legendary" type of item which is basically a Legendary item just with a higher stat range. The update should be available for download when you launch the game. Some of the other highlights include a message when a Treasure Goblin has been killed or escaped, and an increase in stack size of Crafting Materials and Gems to 5000.

Here is a brief summary of Patch 2.1.2 below!
* Various changes to classes, including reworks of Demon Hunter, Monk, and Barbarian endgame sets
* Three new legendary gems and three new legendary items
* A rework of multiple "old" legendary items, with many getting a new "legendary power"
* Four new types of treasure goblin that each drop specific kinds of loot (IE: the "Gem Hoarder" goblin who only drops gems)
* The introduction of a new tier of item: "Ancient Legendary". These items are the same as their Legendary counterparts, but roll with a higher stat range

For more detailed information, head over to the official site! What's more, visit our site to buy D3 items and get latest updates!

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