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3 Reasons Why SEO Doesn"t Work For You

3 Reasons Google ignores your business web site

1. Your web site doesn't have relevant content
2. Your web business is unique, but your keywords are common
3. Your web site has nothing worth sharing

Section #1
Relevant content:

Your market has a problem. It is the exact problem that your product or service solves, but your site doesn't mention the problem or the solution. It only talks about the product along with the benefits and features.

The impulse for every business owner is to talk about their business. As an owner you think your market wants to know about who they might be doing business with, and they do, but not at first.

The first thing your market wants is to find a solution to their problem. If you had a spear in your side you wouldn't care about anything else but a solution. The first person to say, "If you have a spear in your side I can remove it painlessly" is going to get their attention.

Once the market thinks they have found a solution they might, maybe, perhaps become interested in learning more about your business. But probably not. That kind of content puts them to sleep, yet it is needed for those that truly want to know more about your business. It is just not the first thing, or even the second or third thing.

Creating good content

The best content is information worth sharing. Your client has a hangnail and you are not the only one that can fix a hangnail - and they know this - but if your web page talks to them about the many ways we get hangnails and how they can be easily treated then you'll get their attention.

If you have industry tips and tricks, or interesting resources to share then your web site will generate interest and it will get shared with others.

Good content isn't about giving away the recipe to your secret sauce. Your market doesn't want your secrets like your competition does. All your market wants is for you to help solve their problem. Talking to them about solving their problem gets them interested, and when it comes time to implement the solution you've already shown them good service so you are a logical and trusted choice.

Bottom Line:

SEO results require content that is of good quality and relevant to a market. You can get away with the 80/20 rule for SEO when your content is excellent.

Section #2

A unique business with common keywords:

The earliest SEO trick was to use keywords that were both common and compulsive. Keywords such as FREE or SEX were repeated on a page but hidden by having no contrast to the background color. Tricky and phoney, but they worked until the search engines caught on and penalized the practice.

Most small business owners start their business because they are different. They have come up with a unique business idea that is original to them, but their web designer tells them to write content using common keywords.

Even though search engines are programmed to find unique and original content you have been persuaded to write the most common and competitive content.

Look and sound the same

Your web site now sounds just like every other business web site. Nothing interesting here because it is just too common. And any mention of unique and original approach to solving problems is wasted because you are only using common keywords.

Marketing people like to get you into these situations because they can claim to drive traffic to your site. If traffic volume works for you then all is well and good, but that is seldom the case because the common content is very competitive and then you have to employ every SEO trick in the book.

The beginning of anyone's research may well start out with common keywords until the searcher discovers that they need to refine their search terms by lengthening the search phrase. Even then it is difficult to find useful content in a business web site because too many business owners thought that a web designer would know what's best. They don't.

Common sense is not so common

Common sense tells us that if we want a customer's attention we have to give them the content that interests them. This is very much the same content that search engines look for so that the engines can deliver those quality pages to a search query. The success of a search engine is based upon delivering quality content. Our job is to create the quality content and satisfy both search engines and our market.

Section #3
Your web site has nothing worth sharing:

If your web designer knew what was best they would tell you to stick with your unique content. That much is interesting and worth sharing. They would then tell you to provide lots of helpful information such as what a salesperson would provide.

If your web designer knew what was best they would let your information be the reason your web site stands apart from others. That knowledgeable web designer would tell you to forget about putting your own ads on your web pages.

Ads only work to get people to visit, and now that a visitor has found your site the ads need to go away so that your page can discuss a customer's problems and your solutions. This is what your market came for, not for your self-promotional ads.

You already know this

You're a business person and you know that you are never impressed with a new supplier's ads because you don't know them and you are suspicious of ads until proven otherwise. This is exactly what your web market is thinking.

When your page talks about problems your market likes this. You have their attention, and by talking about problems your market begins to see that you know how they feel and the trouble they are in. As you move toward discussing solutions your market pays even more attention. They are hooked.

Your web site is the first business site to offer help and understanding instead of pushing for a sale right away. It's okay that they don't buy right away because you are filling up your funnel and all in good time they will make a choice to purchase.

And even before they make a choice to purchase they have shared your web pages with friends and family because your information is worth sharing. Right now, today, most business web sites won't generate this kind of interest from their market. But this is what needs to happen if your business web site is to stand apart from all others.

At first it won't be easy to write content that your market wants from you, but the truth is you have all of this terrific information locked up inside your head and the right questions and hints will bring it out in a flood. All you need is a little change in focus to facilitate the flow of market oriented content.

Dare to be different

Dare to be unique and not like all the other business owners. It is web marketing skills that are needed and it is rather ironic that the web design industry can't help you until they learn a few new tricks themselves.

Anyway, you don't need a web designer designing your business site. You only need them to build it for you, the designing you can do for yourself.

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