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How to Make an Airmaker for a Fish Tank

    • 1). Cut a length of aquarium tubing long enough to reach from where you want to place the air pump to the bottom of your tank.

    • 2). Attach the air stone to the aquarium tubing.

    • 3). Feed the air stone and the aquarium hose through the top of the aquarium and bury the air stone in the substrate.

    • 4). Cut a short piece of aquarium tubing from the free end. Attach the one-way check valve to the long piece of aquarium hose, and then attach the smaller piece to the other end of the valve. Attach the hose to the air pump and plug it in.

    • 5). Check that the bubble stone is releasing bubbles. If there is a failure, check the line for kinks and verify that you installed the valve correctly.

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