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Benzene Poisoning

Benzene poisoning is a health condition that is very serious, and can develop after someone has been exposed to this hazardous chemical known as benzene.
Benzene has been found to be a known carcinogen (a substance that causes cancer), it is used in the manufacturing process for plastics and detergents, and it is found in gasoline to soft drinks.
Benzene Breakdown This benzene chemical normally comes in a liquid form and is a faint color yellow or no color at all.
  Benzene is used during manufacturing processes of products and petroleum.
  It is found from natural process and human activities and it is found in crude oil, cigarette smoke and more.
  Benzene exposure can lead to cancer and it can also be the start of other diseases.
How Does the Poisoning Happen? If a person works where this chemical, benzene, is used such as a manufacturing plant or anywhere where high levels of benzene is present, they are at risk of poisoning from the benzene exposure.
  If benzene is breathed in or if it was swallowed causing harm to the body and this can be a threat to a person's life.
  Even if the benzene chemical touches the skin, a person can get  poisoning.
The Effects of Poisoningby Benzene A person's health can be impacted by exposure to  benzene in many ways.
  Generally the effects from the benzene chemical are:
  • Drowsiness
  • Weakness
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Confusion
  • Unconsciousness
Benzene poisoning can lead to death in severe cases.
  There has been much research done that proves if you are exposed to benzene for a long time there is a possibility you can develop blood diseases such as leukemia and other cancers.
How Can You Avoid Poisoning from Benzene? Avoid the benzene chemical altogether.
  This is the best prevention.
  Any area with high levels of benzene should be avoided.
  This also includes consuming any products containing the chemical.
  In some situations, avoiding this benzene chemical is just not possible.
  In this case, you should wear protection masks.
  This will limit the exposure.
If you are exposed to it, you should take cautionary steps such as:
  • Getting fresh air
  • Taking off the contaminated clothing
  • Use soap and water for the contaminated area
  • If the exposure was significant, see your physician
How Can Benzene Poisoning be Treated?Benzene poisoning cannot be cured and the illnesses that develop because of it cannot be cured either.
  Alternatively, there are treatments that are given to patients for short and long-term exposure.
Be sure to follow the steps above if you have been exposed to benzene.
  Get rid of your clothing and get them washed thoroughly.
  You do not want to take the clothes in your car or your home before washing.
  Be sure to wash your hands right away also right after the exposure.
If you suffer from benzene poisoning due to the exposure to benzene for a long period of time, contact your physician.
  Your doctor will order blood tests to be sure the benzene poisoning are not affected your health.
Benzene poisoning can be life changing but with the correct information and taking the necessary steps to avoid any exposure.
  If you or someone you care about has benzene poisoning, see your physician immediately.
  Talk with an attorney also for any legal support.

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